Mathematics in the Modern World


Author: Jeffrey M. Soriano
Jester M. Soriano

ISBN: 978-621-409-134-8

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Author: Jeffrey M. Soriano
Jester M. Soriano

ISBN: 978-621-409-134-8

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The Nature of Mathematics
CHAPTER 1 Mathematics in the Natural World
Lesson 1-1 Mathematics as the Science of Patterns and Relationships
Lesson 1-2 Fibonacci Sequence
Lesson 1-3 Mathematics as an Applied Discipline

CHAPTER 2 Mathematical Language and Symbols 
Lesson 2-1 Mathematical Language
Lesson 2-2 Sets
Lesson 2-3 Relations and Functions
Lesson 2-4 Elementary Logic

CHAPTER 3 Problem Solving and Reasoning 
Lesson 3-1 Inductive and Deductive Reasoning
Lesson 3-2 Polya’s 4-step in Solving Problem
Lesson 3-3 Problem-Solving Strategies
Lesson 3-4 Mathematical Problems Involving Patterns
Lesson 3-5 Recreational Problems using Mathematics
Mathematics as a Tool

CHAPTER 4 Data Management 
Lesson 4-1 Data: Gathering and Organizing Data
Lesson 4-2 Measures of Central Tendency
Lesson 4-3 Measures of Variation
Lesson 4-4 Measures of Relative Position
Lesson 4-5 Probabilities and Normal Distribution
Lesson 4-6 Linear Regression and Correlation

CHAPTER 5 Linear Programming 
Lesson 5-1 Linear Inequalities
Lesson 5-2 Geometry of Linear Programming
Lesson 5-3 Simplex Method
Lesson 5-4 Application: Standard Maximization Problems

CHAPTER 6 The Mathematics of Finance 
Lesson 6-1 Simple and Compound Interest
Lesson 6-2 Credit Cards and Consumer Loans
Lesson 6-3 Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds
Lesson 6-4 Home Ownership

Lesson 7-1 Logic Statement and Quantifiers
Lesson 7-2 Truth Tables and Tautologies
Lesson 7-3 Conditional, Biconditional and Related Propositions
Lesson 7-4 Symbolic Arguments
Lesson 7-5 Arguments and Euler Diagrams